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Re: Naming a 32-bit/64-bit specific Java package


On Mon, Nov 27, 2006 at 10:54:11AM -0700, Shaun Jackman wrote:
> Although SWT uses Java, it is not entirely platform independent. It
> requires one jar for 32-bit architectures and one jar for 64-bit
> architectures. I could change libswt-gtk-3.2-java to be an
What do you mean here? Do you mean that it need a different jars for
different architectures or that you need to create different jars for
different architectures?

> Architecture: any package -- it's currently an all package and does
> not support 32-bit architectures -- but this seems like overkill to
> me. I'm more inclined to release one Arch:all package for the 32-bit
> architectures and one Arch:all package for the 64-bit architectures. A
> meta-package would provide the correct dependency for a given
> architecture. So, my question, what to name the 32-bit package, the
> 64-bit package, and the meta-package? At the moment, I think I'm
> leaning towards...
> libswt-gtk-3.2-java32
> libswt-gtk-3.2-java64
> libswt-gtk-3.2-java
> Any other suggestions, or completely different approaches?

As I did not fully understand the question, I can not really answer
but if it is not architecture independent (all) then it should not
be marked as such, which means that it should be marked as any, or
the specific architectures that it really support.


// Ola

> Thanks,
> Shaun
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