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Re: Question about "Depends: bash"

On 11/18/06 10:50:30PM +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello,
> Regarding the discusion about POSIX and sh I have a grave problem.
> My scripts (or better programs) are using #!/bin/bash because I use
> BASH specific extensions.
> You say: "BASH must not be a Depends: since it is Essential."
> Oops my $USERS complain about it, since they have removed this huge
> shell from the System and running anything else.

I would say it's your users that have the problem, bash is "Essential: yes"
and "Priority: required" so removing it is unsupported.

> Please tell me what to do! (Put "bash" into Depends: ?)

Tell your users not to do that.


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