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Re: [RFC] apt-zeroconf 0.1

Franz Pletz <fpletz@franz-pletz.org>, Florian Ludwig <dino@phidev.org>

> Configuration
> -------------
> Yes, there is a little configuration, despite the name, but only
> because the user needs to be aware that he is actually using it and
> that the daemon has to be running when performing an update, upgrade
> or install.

Why don't you install a line like

>    e.g. deb main contrib non-free

in /etc/apt/sources.list.d, and be done with it? That's what I'd call
zero config.

You would have to convince apt to prefer apt-zeroconfig sources over
'regular' HTTP sources, so that it only uses the slow line when the
package couldn't be found in the neighbourhood. I believe this could be
tweaked be tuning /etc/apt/preferences. If not, you would have to hack
up apt a bit.

>    With this method, you can select only specific mirrors to be patched
>    through apt-zeroconf.

In this scenario, I'd personally don't care at all which mirror I get my
packages from but from the apt-suite and the archive I get the packages
from. This can be determined by examining the current apt config, so it
is possible to create such a config in postinst.

As you already said, authentication is already ensured by apt itself,
which is nice.

> ----
>  * Proxy support

why proxy support? I thought you want to serve packages from the local

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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