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Re: XS-Vcs-field

On Wed, 15 Nov 2006 18:13:52 +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli
<zack@bononia.it> said:  
> I think you misread my question. I was not asking if a grab file is
> appropriate as url target for arch, I believe you in this given that
> I'm not an arch expert.

> My question was wheter it would be appropriate to document in the
> devref the choices of where the URL for a given VCS should point to
> or not? In your case, do you want to see written in the devref "URLs
> for the Arch VCS should point to a grab file"? Or would you prefer
> to leave such choices to best practices or see them documented
> elsewhere?

        I think this is a good idea to have in the dev ref, if it is
 couched as a recommendation/ strong suggestion. The wording should be
 such that the two options for XS-VCS-Arch would be clearly stated:
|   a) If your Debian package lives in a single arch category, you may
|      give the arch location for the category:
|      srivasta@debian.org--etch/foo--devo--1.0 
|   b) If your package needs arch config files to compose the package
|      layout from multiple arch categories, use a grab file
|  In either case, baz get <contents of XS-VCS-Arch> should checkout the
|  latest version of your Debian package.

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