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Re: Status of IPW3945 (Was: IPW3945)

On Sun, Nov 12, 2006 at 11:42:17AM +0100, Loïc Minier wrote:
>         Hi,
>  Here's a short status of IPW3945 in Debian:
>  IPW3945 needs three things: firmware (binary blob), driver, and daemon
>  (non-free):
>  - firmware is in firmware-ipw3945, up-to-date with upstream
>    (<http://bughost.org/ipw3945/>) at version 1.13 in etch/testing;
>    maintained by the Kernel team
>  - public packages for the driver may be found on personal web sites of
>    various people, I've found Joachim Reichel, Russel Stuart, and Stefan
>    Lippers-Hollmann to be providing such packages; I could update the
>    more recent version based on a packaging mostly by Kel Modderman to
>    the latest upstream version for my local needs, and it works like a
>    charm, especially with the patches Kel has been adding recently;
>    Daniel Baumann ITPed this driver, and Kel requested comments on his
>    packages on the debian-mentors@ list
>  - daemon is also available publicly from Joachim Reichel's site; Jurij
>    Smakov ITPed the daemon, and started separate packaging efforts which
>    he offered for comments as well recently; I've tested the packages of
>    Jurij, and they work nicely (except for a point I believe is being
>    addressed)
>  I believe the latest versions of the above packages are of release
>  quality, and I wish they ship in etch as well.

I think we should wait until the next firmware version is out;
that way we'll avoid the binary only regulatory daemon.

See the following post:


Regards: David
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