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RFC: behaviour of "bts show" command with new BTS default behaviour

Hi all!

Thinking of changing the default behaviour of the devscripts "bts show"
(aka "bts bugs") command, and want to ask for opinions before I do so.

The BTS behaviour of http://bugs.debian.org/<package> has recently
changed.  It used to resolve to:


which listed all open and closed bugs in the package, without any
version tracking being taking into consideration in the listings.

It now resolves to:


which lists the status of all bugs in that package in respect to the
version(s) of the package currently in unstable.

I was confused by this, because bugs which I had just closed through
an upload were still shown as open, because the autobuilders hadn't
yet built the newest version on all architectures.  But it does not
show bugs only relating to experimental or stable versions.

I would like to change the default behaviour of the bts show command,
when used as "bts show <package>" or "bts show <maintainer>" to behave
as it used to do, by manually rewriting the URL to the earlier form
before downloading.

Before I make this change, I'd like feedback, please; if it's
unpopular, I won't do it.


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