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Re: Proposed new POSIX sh policy (was: First draft of review of policy must usage)

> Here's a proposed patch.  What do people think about this approach?  I
> know there was an inconclusive Policy discussion a while back about how
> best to deal with this issue.  As you can tell from this patch, I favor
> the approach of documenting the specific features that we require and
> assuming that their semantics are sufficiently clear in practice.

> +	    <item>the <tt>-a</tt> and <tt>-o</tt> <tt>test</tt> operators
> +	      must be supported</item>

If people think this is a good idea (and I am not one of those people),
then this wording is much too vague.  At least one shell implements '-a'
and '-o' as unary primaries, whereas what you mean by this patch is
almost certainly to mandate support of '-a' and '-o' as binary logical

Again, the list operators "&&" and "||" can handle any legitimate need
addressed by the -a/-o binaries.

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