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Request for Help/Comments: fvwm95

fvwm95 is an ugly package and must die.

Here's the rationale:

fvwm95 is a fork off a version of fvwm2 that was current sometime in
1995.  That is, it's a fork off code that's over 10 years old.

Upstream disappeared from the net sometime in 1997.  There have been
no upstream changes in over 9 years.

fvwm95 is currently broken in a default etch setup because it can't
handle utf-8 locales.  It also was only changed the bare minimum
necessary in the X11R6 -> X11R7 transition.  The only way to make it
work is with a plain en_US or C locale.  (Well, other iso-latin-1
locales probably work too, and I've had reports that iso-latin-2
locales mostly work)

I have no desire to maintain this package any more, and I have a
moderately strong desire to see this package stripped from debian, as
its presence is just ugly crud on the archive.

Therefore, here's my proposal: I propose to write and maintain a set
of configuration files for the current fvwm that cause fvwm to look
and behave the way fvwm95 does now under a C locale.  The fvwm95
package will be transitioned to this new package.

Now, what do people think of this idea?

Daniel Martin <fizbin@debian.org>
This message represents my own views, and not those of the Debian
project or any current or past employer.

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