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Re: Bug#397291: ITP: php-tidy -- tidy module for php[45]

Hi Joey,

On Tuesday 07 November 2006 07:32, Joey Schulze wrote:
> > >  Why would you want to upload a separate source package?
> >
> > That seems to be used to do. See php-imap or php-pspell!
> Uh?  What's the benefit of the duplicated source?

Personly I did prefer to provide tidy support for php on-tree. But if 
the "Debian PHP Maintainers" prefer it off-tree, I'm also fine.

~/debian-builds/php5-tidy/build-area$ ls -la *orig*
-rw-r--r-- 1 waja waja 20444 Nov  6 12:52 php5-tidy_5.1.6.orig.tar.gz

Since the source tarball isn't that much, I think this will be not a big 
problem of having it twice. The advantages of maintaining it off tree is 
maybe, that "Debian PHP Maintainers" dont need to care about on every 

This all are my personly opinions and guesses. I think for a correct answer 
you need to ask the "Debian PHP Maintainers" group.

With kind regards, Jan.
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