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Re: release critical bug in apache2.2?

Mike Hommey wrote:
>>> The default value for DirectoryIndex is index.html, which
>>> obviously forgets index.php. But that doesn't mean index.php will be
>>> readable as source. It only means that the auto index will be displayed
>>> if no index.html is present and if allowed to.
>> Is this upstreams default or our? I mean I just cannot imagine that
>> apache ignores index.php files by default.
> Upstream defaults to:
> <IfModule dir_module>
>     DirectoryIndex index.html
> </IfModule>
> PHP is shipped with upstream apache, so there is no reason that it
> should support index.php files.

Hmm interisting and very disturbing too, since most (if not all) web
applications I've seen and used seem to silently require that index.php
files are treated automatically like index.html files. Which seemd to be
true for pre-2.2 apache versions.

BTW what's with index.htm (without the l) files? They are not mentioned
there too but they definitely should, don't they?

Anyway, maybe there is a reason upstream decided to change this behavior
or maybe it's just a bug, but I still think we should somehow prepare
our users to this change or better, just be backwards compatible since
it does not really hurt in this case, does it?



 Bastian Venthur                                     http://venthur.de
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