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More accurate package classification

	Hi all

Sometimes I spend hours just reading Debian's package repository, and everytime I found interesting packages. The Debian is extremely large and juicy, but in contrary, it is really difficult sometimes to just find the "right" tool when needed.

More and more, I miss some more accurate system for package classification.

For example, just the cathegories "X11" and "GNOME" both contain bunch of excellent software of many kinds. The same goes for other cathegories too -sound, video,...

New sub-cathegories should be created, such as: video_editing, video_players, sound_editing, sound_players, sound_conversion, sound_tools, mp3_tools, cd_creation, digital_camera, image_viewers, image_editors (possibly with bitmap and vector subcathegories), laptop, electronics, chemistry, astronomy, math, physics, junior, school..

Independently, packages should also bear some flag, whether they are commandline-based, or X11, or GNOME, or KDE. So that I could for example find package for "video editing, for GNOME".

Even other package flags could be independent, so that search would not be just "tree-oriended", but "multi-dimensional" instead. For example, if I need sound editing program for kids that runs under GNOME.

Sometimes I'd like to give Debian a try for a new user, and such a system would help greatly to find the proper applications for him.
Sometimes I need a commandline tool for server. Again, would help much.

I think, it shouldn't be too hard to implement that. Just create the structure in apt and let the package maintainers to set the few new flags for the packages.

I'm sure something like that has already been discussed. I'm just adding, that such kind of structure is NECESSARRY for such a great software collection as Debian is.


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