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Re: Bug#396648: ITP: rt73 -- Linux device driver for Ralink RT73 a/b/g WLAN Card

Dnia czwartek, 2 listopada 2006 08:50, Kel Modderman napisał:
> > I want to provide rt73-source package which is compatible with
> > module-assistant. The resulting package (rt73-module-$VERSION) contains
> > rt73.ko driver. The driver loads firmware from separate file and has
> > included the blob with the default firmware if separate file is not
> > available.
> >
> > I think the driver can go to contrib with removed the blob from its
> > sources and with the firmware rt73.bin file can go to non-free as
> > rt73-firmware package.
> >
> > The rt73.bin file is marked as GPL. There is no real source code included
> > but this license implies that it is redistributable file at least as
> > non-free.
> I notice you quote upstream origin is ralinktech.com, but what about the
> rt73 drivers from rt2x00 project[1], that are maintained and bugfixed by a
> bunch of cool hackers, and are the origin of the existing rt2400, rt2500,
> rt2570 and rt2x00 source packages already in debian?
> Thanks, Kel.
> [1] http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/

Those driver from rt2x00 project simply *does* *not* work, at least for Ad-Hoc 
mode with WEP key enabled.

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