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Re: ca-certificates symlinks out of /etc

also sprach Stephen Frost <sfrost@snowman.net> [2006.10.31.2103 +0100]:
> > How are certificate files not intended to be modified? If they
> > expire? If they are incomplete?
> If they expire then they should be updated by the package.

The problem with ca-certificate is that it follows policies which
I don't fully agree with. CAcert's level 3 certificate is not
included because CAcert has not been audited -- that process by
itself just smells commercial to me.

The package allows the user to cherry-pick the certificates to
enable anyway; why preselect?

> file, if you mean that some certificates are missing, then you're
> certainly free to add those into that directory as regular files,
> or to ask for inclusion of them in the package).

I don't want to maintain local certificates across the dozens of
machines on which I need them. And the package maintainer doesn't
seem too cooperative. See e.g. #352248 which has not received a note

also sprach Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> [2006.10.31.2119 +0100]:
> Not release critical.  You're welcome to debate whether it's a bug
> to ever use symlinks in /etc, but Alex is right -- the historical
> understanding of "configuration" here is the symlinks, not the
> targets.

I am not arguing that. I am arguing whether the setup isn't

also sprach Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> [2006.10.31.2351 +0100]:
> Alex Pennace wrote:
> > >   piper:/etc> sudo find /etc -path /etc/alternatives -prune -o -type l -exec readlink -f {} \; | egrep -v '^/etc' | wc -l 
> > 
> > I'm surprised your report missed one of the most established
> > configuration symlinks of them all: /etc/localtime.
> I was more suprised that it explicitly excluded /etc/alernatives ..

Would you edit the files in /etc/alternatives with an editor?

I see your point. However, /etc/alternatives deserves a special
treatment as it is unique in what it does and integrates with the
whole system.

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