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Re: ITP: dphys-kernel-packages -- Generate many variants of kernel packages and modules

If you intend to upload the kernel.debs you will get a problem with
the GPL and the security team.

no i don't intend to upload any kernel binaries and i have no idea
where you get that impression from.

The GPL requires the right source version to be present. A
Build-Depends: linux-tree-2.6 does not do that, not even versioned to
a specific release. So very quickly the sources used to build the deb

i know perfectly well the GNU GPL. if you had a look at the source
you would not blindly write like you do.

And the security team doesn't like, lets call it 2nd level
sources. Fixing a security bug in those kernel debs requires first
fixing the linux source package and upload that and then on a second
pass rebuild your package against the new source.

why am i even writing something to this??

Before you invest too much time please talk to the debian linux kernel
team and the security team about issues raised by your package.

pardon? what and why should i talk to the debian linux kernel team or
the security team?


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