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Does anybody know where Janez Rabzelj Zappone is?


 I ask because he took (or was going to anyway) maintainership of the
package blam, but this was about a month ago and no new version has been

 I sent him an e-mail a few days ago but he hasn't replied. There is
already a package ready which fixes at least two of the RC bugs, and
perhaps another or two as a side-effect.

 I'm not looking forward to hijacking a package, but with four RC bugs
and the release of etch closing in, I don't see another way to include
it in etch.

 So, if anybody knows that he is working on it, please speak up,
otherwise I will be requesting a sponsor for an updated blam package.


Carlos Martín Nieto    |   http://www.cmartin.tk
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