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Re: Bug mass filling

* Mike Hommey (mh@glandium.org) [061019 22:06]:
> That was not a link before it was changed before sarge release, in July
> 2004.

The link was added later because people were barking around. The meaning
was always the same.

Anyways, July 2004 is a *bit* history now, don't you think so?

> So, what is written on http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer#severities
> doesn't count (not to say it's crap), and it's not necessary to change
> it.

If you disagree with what is written on the page, you might want to ask
owner@bugs.debian.org for clarification, or you could appeal to the
Technical Committee, or you could ask the developers in a GR. Until you
succeed at at least one of the ways, the definition as written down by a
member of owner@bugs.d.o stays valid. As it is always.


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