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Re: Bug#393317: ITP: teamspeak-client -- Very good Voice Chat

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On 10/15/06 22:01, Adam Cécile (Le_Vert) wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> Owner: "Adam Cécile (Le_Vert)" <gandalf@le-vert.net>
> * Package name    : teamspeak-client
>   Version         : 2.0.32
>   Upstream Author : TeamSpeak Systems <info@teamspeak-systems.de>
> * URL             : http://www.goteamspeak.com/
> * License         : non-free
>   Description     : Very good Voice Chat
> TeamSpeak is a quality, scalable application which enables people to speak
> with one another over the Internet. TeamSpeak consists of both client and
> server software. The server acts as a host to multiple client connections,
> capable of handling literally thousands of simultaneous users. This results
> in an Internet based teleconferencing solution that works in a variety of
> applications such as team mates speaking with one another while playing
> their favorite online game, small businesses cutting costs on long distance
> charges, or for personal communication with friends and family.
> .
> This package contains the X client.
> .
>  Homepage: http://www.goteamspeak.com/
> This software is not free at all. Binaries will works on i386 and seems
> to work fine on amd64 with ia32-libs.

- From the EULA:
    You will not, and will not permit others to: (i) reverse
    engineer, decompile, disassemble, derive the source code
    of, modify, or create derivative works from the Software;
    or (ii) use, copy, modify, alter, or transfer, electronically
    or otherwise, the Software or any of the accompanying
    documentation except as expressly permitted in this
    Agreement; or (iii) redistribute, sell, rent, lease,
    sublicense, or otherwise transfer rights to the Software
    whether in a stand-alone configuration or as incorporated
    with other software code written by any party except as
    expressly permitted in this Agreement.

Isn't this against everything the DFSG stands for?

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