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#379113: python-soappy: fpconst failure on 64 Bit


since the last bugfixes/upload for the python-soappy package have been NMUs, I'm posting to debian-devel, too.

* #379113 renders the package more or less useless on all 64bit platforms, at least its WSDL part. This should be fixed before etch comes out.

* the fpconst URL mentioned in the report does not work, it's avaiable here: http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/fpconst/0.7.2 I'm also wondering why fpconst is not included in any default py package or available in it's own package - although packaging a single file sounds like overkill - fpconst provides some useful functions.

* I've packaged a version of python-soappy which includes the fix for #379113 - would be good if somebody could look trough it and get it into Debian as I'm no DD. The files are here: http://debian.recluse.de/python-soappy/

Thanks a lot,
best regards

Bernd Zeimetz

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