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Re: Lack of transparency of automatic actions

Le vendredi 13 octobre 2006 à 10:18 -0500, John Goerzen a écrit :
> But worse -- what if you're not using Gnome or KDE?  I can find no way
> for a user that doesn't use any X applications to take advantage of this
> automatic support, even if the user is in the plugdev group.  I can't
> even find a way for a user to take advantage of it manually, again even
> if the user is in plugdev.  Why are we restricing this to users of GUIs?

You are looking for ivman, which does the same thing as
gnome-volume-manager for the CLI.

> The bottom line is that I think we have some useful functionality here,
> but our implementation needs work.  It would be very nice to have these
> issues ironed out before etch.

Most people interested in such functionality are also interested in KDE
or GNOME, I think this is why things aren't as ironed out otherwise. As
for many things in Debian, the best way to see something working is to
write the missing pieces yourself.
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