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Re: Bug#392315: ITP: datrie -- Double-array trie library

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On 10/11/06 03:02, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> Owner: Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <thep@linux.thai.net>
> * Package name    : datrie
>   Version         : 0.1.0
>   Upstream Author : Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <thep@linux.thai.net>
> * URL             : http://libthai.sourceforge.net/
> * License         : LGPL
>   Programming Lang: C
>   Description     : Double-array trie library
> Trie is a kind of digital search tree, an efficient indexing method with
> O(1) time complexity for searching. Comparably as efficient as hashing,
> trie also provides flexibility on incremental matching and key spelling
> manipulation. This makes it ideal for lexical analyzers, as well as
> spelling dictionaries.
> .
> This is an implementation of double-array structure for representing trie,
> as proposed by Junichi Aoe. The details of the implementation can be found 
> at http://linux.thai.net/~thep/datrie/datrie.html
> .
> Homepage: http://libthai.sourceforge.net/

Should the package name be libtrie?

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