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Re: Help with menu (Was: Bug#389932: wish: gnumed --debug should open terminal window)

On Mon, 9 Oct 2006, Bill Allombert wrote:

W: gnumed-client-debug: menu-command-not-in-package
/usr/share/menu/gnumed-client-debug:5 x-terminal-emulator

Shouldn't a

     Depends: xterm | x-terminal-emulator

be enough here?  I admit that it might be hard to define a lintian rule
to verify the contents of dependant packages but I wonder whether I should
simply go with a lintian override or file either a wishlist bug against
lintian or perhaps menu-policy?

This is a well-known lintian limitation. This warning is to protect
against typos in command name: say
?(xteddy): need="x11" section="Games/Toys" title="XTeddy" command="xtedddy"
Lintian will warn you xtedddy is an error

Surely this makes sense.  But if Package depends from an *other*
package that contains /usr/bin/xtedddy this should be overriden,
because lintian would have to use apt-file or whatever to find this
out.  The idea was to educate lintian about the contents of the
virtual package list and keep it silent if the dependencies of
a package contain an executable that is provided by the virtual

Just ignore it or add an override.

It would be so great if we would get some help when #109642 would
be fixed ...
There are so many valid reasons to use overrides.

     Depends: xterm | x-terminal-emulator

Either that or provides two menu entries:

?package(gnumed):needs="X11" section="Apps/Tools" \
 title="GNUmed" command="/usr/bin/gnumed" \
 icon="/usr/share/gnumed/bitmaps/gnumed.xpm" \
?package(gnumed,xterm):needs="X11" section="Apps/Tools" \
 title="GNUmed (Debug)" command="xterm -hold -e gnumed" \
 icon="/usr/share/gnumed/bitmaps/gnumed.xpm" \

The second one will alway be displayed if xterm is installed.

Yea, but we agreed not to depend from a certain package that
provides x-terminal-emulator.

Kind regards


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