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Re: Re: [Debian Installer] General release plan for RC1

> As I have been on a long vacation (with no wifi unlike Mexico,
> unfortunately), I have not managed to report the activity at Georgian
> DI translations earlier.


> We have distributed the DI file on online translation tool so more
> people can participate and hope to get the file done in a very few
> days.

Pootle ? I know you're using Pootle in the Georgian team for OOo so I
guess this is it....

> I will be committing the current version of Georgian file at CVS
> today, so please, do not drop Georgian :)

If you can, please also point translators to levels 2 to 4. They are
way much smaller than level 1 but very value added (even more than the
very last strings of level 1).

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