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Re: Allowing @ in user names?

In article <[🔎] e2e2e5500610070946t156ccc49sd101223ab1c3ef99@mail.gmail.com> you write:
>On 10/7/06, Marc Haber <mh+debian-devel@zugschlus.de> wrote:
>> Is there any potential breakage to allow adduser --force-badname to
>> create accounts with @ in user names?
>The only thing that immediately comes to mind is that of a MTA that
>has to deliver mail for this user.   For example, when cron runs a job
>and needs to send the output to the owner of the cronjob, there will
>be some ambiguity as to whether the part after the @ is part of the
>username or in fact a domain name.  This is especially true when
>setting MAILTO in a crontab.

Ditto tools like ssh, where @ is assumed to be a separator between
local part and machine name.

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