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Re: Making SELinux standard for etch

Am Samstag 07 Oktober 2006 00:35 schrieb Manoj Srivastava:
>  We are at a point where we can support a targeted SELinux
>  policy, at least in permissive mode.  Everything seems to work for
>  me; I can fire up targeted SELinux UML's and only see a few harmless
>  log messages.

What do those look like? How many is "few"?

>         I brought this over on the debian-installer mailing list, and
>  suggested that we ship SELinux installed, but turned off by default;
>  and a README or a short shell script fr the local administrator to
>  enable SELinux.  Our support at this point is better in some respects
>  to any other distribution (selecting and installing modular policy
>  modules, for instance). All the core packages support SELinux (unlike
>  in, say, Ubuntu).

Well, most users have enough to find out what groups they must be in for fully 
working desktop (>= 8). How many will use _any_ SELinux feature? Those that 
know that they need it, know how to install it.

Maybe you can enlighten me what the average Debian user will gain from 


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