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Re: Bug#390754: O: piuparts -- .deb package installation, upgrading, and removal testing tool


I have been wanting to answer to your emails about piuparts sooner, but
I was unable to.

As you are already aware of, I am very interested in getting to know
piuparts much better, to make it part of my QA efforts. I have not been
able to yet.

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> [...] I am overcommited with regard to time and responsibilities

This is where I also find myself now. I am neglecting some of my
packages (such as lirc, and aurel32 just annouced that he is dedicating
less time to Debian, which also hurts lirc, I am so grateful to hector
for all he is doing here, and the rest of the team, also), and my
transitions ;)

My work life has got very demmanding lately and I also plan to take some
time off computers when this work peak goes away, to get rid of the

> [...] predictions of my leaving Debian are premature.

I don't even think anyone is speculating about this. But I might have
missed something, since I am so busy.

Are you trying to avoid getting that wonderful tattoo you promised to
get when we *release on time* (I know we will) by running to the woods?

In short, I am in no position at the moment to adopt piuparts, I lack
the skills to become upstream, but if a group is started I will be very
happy to join it and work in piuparts when my availability does not

Thanks for the fish!

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