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Re: Help with piuparts?

On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 12:25:28AM +0300, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> I'm not going to be able to work much on piuparts in the coming months.
> This includes both improving the code, and processing log files and
> reporting bugs found by piuparts.
> It might be a good idea if someone else, or several, could step up. For
> maintaining the package, you need to hack in Python, since that's what
> it's written in. The code is in the latest uploaded package, have a look
> at it before committing yourself to this. Look at the piuparts-master
> and -slave stuff as well. I'm afraid it isn't the cleanest code ever
> written.

Hello Lars,
I am using a modified version of piuparts quite extensively.
I am certainly interested helping with piuparts but I am not confident
I understand where you would like the project to go. 

> For running piuparts, and reporting bugs based on what it finds, there's
> piuparts.cs.helsinki.fi, a fairly fast machine donated by HP. There's a
> few people who've been helping me with the bug reporting, but they
> haven't made much of a dent.

I used a modified version that only check for a small number of problems
 and which is able to process a hundred of packages at once to make
finding and reporting of bug easier.

> piuparts.cs.helsinki.fi isn't currently running piuparts, my latest
> upload broke things: piuparts now needs to run python2.4, python2.3
> doesn't have the subprocess module; this needs packaging changes, which
> are slightly complicated by the fact that piuparts needs to run on sarge
> as well as testing+sid (piuparts.cs.helsinki.fi runs sarge).

Is it not possible to run piuparts in a sid chroot ? This is what I do
in my setup.

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

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