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Re: Debconf creating default files

Hello Rodrigo,

* Rodrigo Tavares <digolinopage@yahoo.com.br> [2006-10-02 17:00]:
> I got to create a debian structure defaukt from a
> package.
> changelog control dirs emacsen-remove init.d       
> manpage.xml postrm prerm script-full shlibs
> compat copyright docs emacsen-startup manpage.1 menu  
>       preinst  README.Debian  script-gera-dbar-default
>      templates config cron.d emacsen-install files    
>       manpage.sgml postinst prerm rules        
> script-gera-dbar.doc-base.EX watch
> But i don't remember how I make it.
> I try to execute dh_installdebconf, dh_make, i just
> configured the control with Sections Source and
> Package
> Somebody, can to help me ?

Kind regards
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