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Apache 2.2 uploaded to unstable (was: Re: Bug#389053: apache2-common: API module structure `perl_module' in file /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_perl.so is garbled)

Tollef Fog Heen skrev:
Steve Langasek skrev:

Any news on this?  I'd like to ask the ftpmasters to expedite the NEW
processing for it, but I can't before it's been uploaded. :)

Yes, I was ill yesterday too, so didn't get around to doing it. I'm working on it today.

While it's no longer yesterday, but almost tomorrow now:

: tfheen@xoog(xen-debian) ~/apache > dput apache2_2.2.3-1_amd64.changes
Upload package to host ftp-master
Uploading via ftp apache2_2.2.3-1_amd64.changes: done.
Successfully uploaded packages.
Not running dinstall.

If people want to poke the packages before they're through NEW (which jvw said he'd try to find time for tomorrow), they are also uploaded to http://err.no/tmp/a2/

I'll be filing policy- and uninstallability bugs on quite a bunch of packages over the next days. If you maintain an apache module which does not depend on apache2-common: shame on you, please add a dependency on apache2.2-common. If you maintain an apache module which does depend on apache2-common: please change it to apache2.2-common, recompile and test the module.


- tfheen

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