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Re: Request for Discussion about Account Handling in Maintainer Scripts Wiki Page

On 29/09/2006 Loïc Minier wrote:
>  The removal of users / groups is not the only thing often debated for
>  purges.  I propose to enlarge the debate on purging to:
>  - log files
>  - databases
>  - caches
>  - other perhaps valuable data
>  Perhaps thoughts on these subjects are connected (I for example think
>  that we should let the admin decide, perhaps in /etc/dpkg/purges.conf,
>  what he wants to delete on purges) and should be grouped in
>  implementation and/or policy updates?

I fully agree here. Best would be a central package (dpkg-custom for
example) to configure purge behaviour for accounts, log files, DBs etc.

One way would be a shell sourcefile providing functions like del_user(),
purge_logs(), purge_cache() etc.

The biggest problem still would be, that one cannot rely on it still being
available at purge time. So the only clean way to implement this, is to
implement it directly in dpkg.


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