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Re: Bug#390195: ethiop: Please package Type1 versions of the fonts

Frank Küster wrote:
> We'd be glad to hear from you whether you want to continue maintaining
> ethiop, and whether you plan to include the fonts in this or a separate
> package, so that we can adjust our dependencies.  In case you'd rather
> give up the package (which we'd really regret), please also tell us.
Actually, i was already thinking about orphaning this package since i
have no use for it at all anymore. There are two options for me:

a. Properly orphan the package in the hope that someone else takes over.

b. Someone else simply officially takes over maintenance for this
package without the need to bother about orphaning it before.

I've CC'ed debian-devel in the hope that someone steps forward to take
it over. Thanks.

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