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Re: Debian ISOs

> From: "Anthony L. Bryan" <albryan@comcast.net>
> >Metalinks, a cross platform vendor neutral fortmat, are used by
> >download managers & contain Mirror & p2p locations for segmented
> >downloads, along with automatic checksum verification when the
> >download completes. It spreads the download between multiple servers
> >so its faster for users, more reliable, & less load on any one server.
> No, that's bullshit.

This sounds a bit partial.

Anthony's point stays valid when bandwidth is limited on the
server. For example I have a dedicated server from ovh.com with
limited bandwidth: I'd rather have people use bittorrent & co rather
than getting my server on its knees.

However your points are very interesting from the point of view of an
ISP (where one's own bandwidth is not the bottleneck).

More to the point, maybe you could suggest the mirrors maintainers to
separate a list of 'jidgo mirrors' and a list of 'ISO mirrors'.

PS: I use Free at home and I d/l from ftp.free.fr ;)

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