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Re: Top 20 unnecessary dependencies

* Hendrik Sattler 

| Am Donnerstag 28 September 2006 21:14 schrieb Kurt Roeckx:
| > Note that Requires.private is used for cflags since the last version
| > of pkg-config.
| Interesting but maybe documenting Requires.private would be a good idea?
| Hint: the manpage only mentions Libs.private, see #341977 #346602.
| And 9 months is quite some time :-/

Yes, I'm a slacker.  Sorry.

| How shall I convince upstream to do it right if pkg-config upstream does not 
| document it? Fixing it only in Debian does not quite convince upstream...

As I'm upstream too, fixing it in both places at once is what I'd do.
(Or rather, I'd release a new upstream version and upload that to
Debian immediately.  Except for the freeze, that is.)

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