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procmail limitations (was: Re: Accepted kde-icons-crystalclear 0.0.20050623.dfsg.1-1 (source all))

Frans Pop wrote:
> Please do _not_ use a mail@ or root@ or daemon@ address to send mail to 
> debian addresses. They will be filtered out as such addresses are 
> considered to be reserved for administrative and system accounts.
> I've attached 2 mails that were filtered out because of this today.

Isn't this rather a limitation of the software used or a
misconfiguration? I'm not very experienced with the problem but reading
the manpage, I think the filter is a bit too simple. Why filter eg every
mail@* mail instead of only *relevant* mails like mail@*.debian.org?

> See also man procmailrc(5), under MISCELLANEOUS.

Done. But please be aware that this problem also applies to our users
using the BTS. Every time they use one of the problematic mails, they
get an error message -- I think you cannot expect our users to
subordinate to those limitations, could you?

I'll change the mail address for debian purposes as soon as possible,
but please consider that most users will not, so the problem should be
fixed on the server-side.



Bastian Venthur

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