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Help with piuparts?

I'm not subscribed to -devel; if you want me to see replies, remember to
Cc me, thanks.

I'm not going to be able to work much on piuparts in the coming months.
This includes both improving the code, and processing log files and
reporting bugs found by piuparts.

It might be a good idea if someone else, or several, could step up. For
maintaining the package, you need to hack in Python, since that's what
it's written in. The code is in the latest uploaded package, have a look
at it before committing yourself to this. Look at the piuparts-master
and -slave stuff as well. I'm afraid it isn't the cleanest code ever

For running piuparts, and reporting bugs based on what it finds, there's
piuparts.cs.helsinki.fi, a fairly fast machine donated by HP. There's a
few people who've been helping me with the bug reporting, but they
haven't made much of a dent.

piuparts.cs.helsinki.fi isn't currently running piuparts, my latest
upload broke things: piuparts now needs to run python2.4, python2.3
doesn't have the subprocess module; this needs packaging changes, which
are slightly complicated by the fact that piuparts needs to run on sarge
as well as testing+sid (piuparts.cs.helsinki.fi runs sarge).

I may have more time for Debian again next year, but we'll see.

Close your mind to stress and pain, hack till you're no longer sane.

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