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Re: Bug#388569: general: always printed in letter format

* gerhard oettl <gerhard.oettl@oesoft.at> [2006-09-22 06:59]:

> Since updating to etch some weeks ago i was not able to print
> from firefox, because always letter format is requested on the
> printer panel. This happens independend of the input in the
> printer property fields in the printing dialog if firefox (where
> i entered "A4") and independend of the printer settings in cups
> (where i also use "A4") - see bug 383.255.

Do you have xprint installed? If yes, try purging it and see if it
works. I had multiple problems with firefox and thunderbird when it was
installed and as I don't see a need for it I keep it purged on all of my

HTH Martin
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