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Re: Entering parameters at the boot prompt

On Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 06:15:39PM +0200, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> (from a discussion in -devel)
> > The hint to non US keyboard is *very* important.  I would love if
> > *every* string a user (not a hacker) has to type at the boot prompt
> > would work on *any* keybord according to its marking, which means only
> > letters (no =_/ etc.) are allowed.  A "-" might work on the numeric
> ....and no "a" "z" "y" "q" "w" "m" which are, IIRC the most commonly
> relocated keys for ASCII characters on the weird localized
> keyboards...
> This is currently one of the minor drawbacks of the choice of
> "install", "installgui"....
> /me wonders, thinking out loud, whether we could establish "instqll"
> and "instqllgui" as "allowed" alternatives.

Well, users seeing q when typing a wouldn't continue typing anyway...

Or make it display an "a" if a "q" is pressed after "inst".

And "special" characters could be triggered on any key that could hold
the character if it makes sense for the preceding characters to be
followed by the character.

Which reminds me [OT] that when I tried a d-i beta i've been deceived
not to see the magic keyboard wizard i saw on the first ubuntu ; the one
that asks to press some keys and guess the keyboard type based on that
set of keys you typed.


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