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Re: Desktop task(sel) in Etch? (Bug #389092)

At 1159290174 past the epoch, Jim Crilly wrote:
> The difference here is that removing exim4 and replacing
> it with postfix is a lot less work than it is Gnome->KDE
> since you can't just remove the 'gnome' metapackage and
> have all of Gnome be gone. If there was an easy way to do
> that I doubt anyone would care what the default choice
> was.

Hm. If you installed the gnome metapackage with aptitude,
then the dependencies would be marked 'auto' and removed
once you'd removed the manual package at the top of the

Perhaps aptitude could be modified so that on installation
it would look at the tasksel choices and interpret that as
if you had installed it yourself via aptitude (that is, mark
any dependencies as automatically installed).

Jon Dowland

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