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Re: Compatibility between Debian amd64 and other distributions

Hello Frans,

Frans Pop wrote:
> Andreas Jochens wrote:
> > The proposed glibc patch will break the installer. The installer does
> > not have the symlink from /usr/lib64 to /usr/lib. (This is not by
> > accident. It has been decided following some discussion.)
> The symlink currently is there actually:
> rootskel (0.79) unstable; urgency=low
> [...]
>  * Joshua Kwan
>     - Symlink lib to lib64 to unhork amd64 images. Patch by Kurt Roeckx
>       <Q@ping.be> (Closes: #256738)
>  -- Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org>  Fri,  2 Jul 2004 12:05:29 +0100
> The link is currently created for amd64 and ppc64.

rootskel only creates the symlink from /lib64 to /lib which is required
to run dynamically linked binaries. It does _not_ create the symlink 
from /usr/lib64 to /usr/lib.

This can be verified by looking into an amd64 installer image.
There is no /usr/lib64 in the amd64 installer images.

BTW, thank you for applying the ppc64 patch.

Andreas Jochens

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