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New essential package sysvinit-utils split out from sysvinit

To prepare for the async boot system upstart currently in
experimental, the sysvinit source package maintainers have decided to
split out a few programs from the sysvinit binary package.  The new
sysvinit-utils package will be a dependency of upstart, and the old
sysvinit package is a conflict.  This is to avoid the code duplication
resulting from upstart to provide its own copy of the same programs if
this split isn't done.  The new sysvinit-utils package is an essential
package, so the ftp-masters asked me to report its introduction here.

The split has been tested using debootstrap and apt, so I do not
expect any surprises with the installation system nor with upgrades
because if this split.

The new package is currently only in experimental, along with other
changes to the boot system.  I plan to test the other changes from
experimental for a while before uploading to unstable.


Petter Reinholdtsen

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