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mueller: dictd (>= 1.10.1) | any-other-dict-server dependency


what's the best way to handle the following dependency problem:

mueller7-dict package is UTF-8 encoded and requires one of the
following dict servers to operate:

* dictd (<< 1.10.1) with --locale=xx_XX.UTF-8 in config
* dictd (>= 1.10.1)
* serpento (as the only one more dict server in Debian providing dict-server)

Handling of first case currently involves debconf questions and
patching dictd config, other ones do not require any handling.

I would like to drop first case completely (as dictd << 1.10.1 is only
in Sarge) to simplify things. However, it is unclear for me how to
declare dependencies properly.

Current situation is "Depends: dictd | dict-server". Changing it to
"Depends: dictd (>= 1.10.1) | dict-server" is incorrect as dictd (<<
1.10.1) provides dict-server. Changing it to "Depends: dictd (>=
1.10.1) | serpento" makes life harder if someone wants to add another
dict server to Debian.

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