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Re: Debian ISOs

On 9/22/06, Anthony L. Bryan <albryan@comcast.net> wrote:
(Oops, hit the send key combo before finishing, sorry).

Here's a brief refresher on metalinks & how it could be useful for Debian
ISO distribution:

'Metalink makes complex download pages obsolete by replacing long lists of
download mirrors and BitTorrent trackers with a single .metalink file. As
you might have already guessed, a .metalink file is a file that tells a
download manager all the different ways it can download a file. The file
itself takes the form of an open XML standard that can list an unlimited
number of HTTP and FTP sources as well as BitTorrent trackers and ed2k and
magnet links.'

Is it possible to extend it and make a client capable of jigdo or
similar? It might look like:

<url type="jigdo" location="au"

(Sorry, this is hacked up; I don't know how acceptable it would be to
specify the jigdo template as an attribute instead of the content.)
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