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Re: Why not only support Sid and Testing?

Am 2006-09-11 22:08:02, schrieb Joseph Smidt:
> 	I know I am in for an argument, but I think it is a good
> question.  I'm sure many of you have read Mark's blog:
> http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/56.  It says 76% of Debian
> users run unstable and probably a fair fraction of the rest run testing.

Not possibel, since I have only two machines with
Sid, two with Etch and now over 160 with Sarge.

> 	Isn't it a cause of stress trying to cram for the freeze?

I do not think so.

> Haven't we seen emails about how we are behind the RC goals for
> Etch which causes frustration?  All the questions: is this or that going
> in Etch, why not? (I have been resposible for some of these)  

Like to run a Testing/Unstable server public? - Apache, php5, courier...

No Thanks!

> 	I think we all really love running unstable. It is very fun

Unstable is good for development and nothing more.

I use Debian since 03/1999 and with Sid I had in the 7 1/2 years
at least 40 total fallouts after upgrading...

I (and probably many others) must earn money with it and a fallout
of on day can cost your Enterprise.

> because it is exciting and sometimes unpredictible.  Debian, in my

You are sick!

Debian GNU/Linux is an Operating System and NOT A GADGET from Redmond.

> 1. Those who maintain Debian love unstable.  It is the OS that offers the

I am Developer (French Army) and I do not like Unsatable in any kind!

It is my job to develop software on Unstable and then do testing on
Unstable, Testing and Stable.  All other is brain damaged and humbug!

> 2.  Testing would be a better distro.  The time and effort that goes
> into Freezing, maintaining Stable and Oldstable, could be pulled into

Since X.org requires discover it is uninstallable on many machines
of my customers (I t loads tonns of modules they never need and I
am not able to compile over 600 different Kernels and I do not
know, how to blacklist the Whole Kernel-Module-Tree at once).

I hope this will be solved soon...

> making testing a better distro for those who want new software, without
> the risk of running Unstable.  Those who enjoy trying to live on the
> bleeding edge, who don't want to bleed to death.

For such Harakiri are other Distributions based on Debian better.

> 3.  The freeze seems to cause more stress then happiness.


> 4.  Let's face it, it does both Debian and Desktop users who want a
> constantly updating, "Easy as Windows to use", stable distro a favor to

And what about the majority of Debian Users running several 100.000
Servers worldwide.  (I have 160 own, then they are arround 1800 Servers
at the French Army, several 1000 at Police Nationale, ...)

> send them to Ubuntu.  Debian will stop getting harassed how Ubuntu's
> stable is so much nicer for users then Debian's.  On the other, it does

Ubuntu has another goal as Debian.  Do not compare apples with pears.

> them a favor to go where life is made easier for them.  (I am not saying
> Ubuntu stable is better then Debian's Stable, just the type of users who

Ubuntu Stable is Debian Unstable

And Ubuntu does not fit anything I need.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
    Michelle Konzack
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