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Re : Re: Using debconf


More one thing, i´m creating a package customized,
where the script is run, them it it´s removed.
When i try to remove this package, ask a question for
user. I make it in bash. And i want to make using
debconf. The all manuals about debconf (in my case),
get to build a new package ? 

Thanks for all.


> Hello,
> I alrady read this manual.
> In step called : advanced programing with debconf,
> show a algorithm is in config file, then i set
> postint, preinst, postrm, postinst, conffiles,
> templates.
> I want to know, how I'll create the package and how
> the frontend come happen ?

Well, basically if you read carefully it you would
have understand it
but if you're missing in packaging stuff then is
different. I would
suggest that you read the Debian Policy since it'll
clarify a lot of
things to you.

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