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Re: Using debconf

Quoting Otavio Salvador (otavio@debian.org):
> Rodrigo Tavares <digolinopage@yahoo.com.br> writes:
> > Hello,
> >  
> > I read many tutorials about debconf, but i´d like to
> > know ro create the packages using debconf .
> > I know the build package must be postinst, preinst,
> > prerm, postrm, conffiles and config.
> > Taking this tree, how i can to build a packages ?
> You should install the package debconf-doc and follow the tutorial in:
> $: man debconf-devel
> I hope it helps you.

And read the developer's reference which has many hints for i18n,
writing style, etc.

And ask for debian-l10n-english to review debconf templates.


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