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Re: Orphaning my packages

Em Ter, 2006-09-12 às 16:21 -0500, David Moreno Garza escreveu:
> Hello,
> I'll be taking a long vacation of Debian and free software activity  
> for the next couple of months for personal reasons. Because of that,  
> I'm orphaning my non-comaintained packages. I really think those  
> packages shouldn't make it to Etch with a non attending maintainer,  
> just like I'm beginning to become (I already orphaned some of them in  
> the last couple of months). Once I get more free time or motivation  
> to work on my packages, I'll be coming back, but since that's not the  
> case now, I'm stepping back for a while so I don't interfere with the  
> project.

   I'll take liferea. 

   Best whishes your life. =)

Kind Regards, 
Fernando Ike - http://www.midstorm.org/~fike/weblog
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