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Re: Why not only support Sid and Testing?

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> I think we all really love running unstable. It is very fun because
> it is exciting and sometimes unpredictible.  Debian, in my opinion,
> appeals to an ambitiuos crowd who is willing to take risks and is
> not afraid to explore the inner workings of a linux system.  Such a
>  crowd, I believe, would prefere running unstable or testing and
> not a system that contains packages that can be over a year old.
I think you really have to differentiate what kind of use you are
talking about. I have the feeling you are only/mostly looking at the
desktop segment. For desktops I kind of agree with you. On a desktop I
always want to have the "new and fancy" and I run unstable on my
desktops (the other reason is to help find bugs). On the other hand I
also maintain a bunch of servers and I would not want to run testing
on them. I really like stable for servers, as I have an extremely
solid system which doesn't give me much work, except installing
security upgrades. When etch comes out I will upgrade those servers to
etch and then I don't have to do much work on them for quite some time
till the next release comes out.

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