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Re: [PROPOSAL] virtual package 'lha' -- a suitable /usr/bin/lha

"Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu)" <grandpaul@gmail.com> wrote:
> LZH is an archive format which is generated by the lha utility (1).
> This format is still popular in Japan, but the lha utility is not a free
> software. However, some free softwares which use LZH as their
> data format (2) and some free GUI archive file managers (3)
> often use fork+exec, popen, or system, to call the
> command line program '/usr/bin/lha' to extract the data.

> Therefore I propose a virtual package named 'lha' for those packages who can
> provide the functionality of '/usr/bin/lha'.

> Note:
> (1) "lha" package in Debian non-free section
> (2) "fkiss", "gnomekiss" in Debian
> (3) "ark", "file-roller", "krusader" in Debian

Do all these packages accept a common (sub)set of commandline options?
Alternatives only work if the commandline interface is compatible.
cu andreas
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