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Re: The debian boot dependency graph image

[Nathanael Nerode]
> syslog-ng also lacks information.

If you find such packages, please report bugs to bts about it.  Most
of the base system and selected packages I use often have such bugs
reported against them, but there are lots of packages left to fix.

> The udev dependency information is not really accurate: a lot of
> things depend upon udev running first, and don't say so.  This is
> partly because the long-term plan is to run udev in the chroot, but
> I think for now probably the dependency should be specified.

Actually, it is more accurate now.  mountdevsubfs.sh now depend on
udev if it exist, and thus udev is executed where it should be,
between mountkernfs and mountdevsubfs.  So now insserv will generate
this boot sequence for the base system+udev based on existing LSB
headers and override files:

  README               S05checkroot.sh       S09mountall-bootclean.sh
  S01glibc.sh          S06ifupdown-clean     S09urandom
  S01hostname.sh       S06module-init-tools  S10networking
  S01mountkernfs.sh    S06mtab.sh            S11mountnfs.sh
  S02procps.sh         S06udev-mtab          S12mountnfs-bootclean.sh
  S02udev              S07checkfs.sh         S13bootmisc.sh
  S03mountdevsubfs.sh  S07libdevmapper1.02   S13hwclock.sh
  S04bootlogd          S08mountall.sh        S13stop-bootlogd-single
  S04hwclockfirst.sh   S09ifupdown

  README      S13openbsd-inetd  S14sysklogd  S15klogd          S17rmnologin
  S09makedev  S13rc.local       S15cron      S16stop-bootlogd

Recently I have started checking the shutdown sequence too, and it is
mostly correct, though there are some issues left to fix before it is
properly handled:

  K06cron      K08openbsd-inetd  K25hwclock.sh    K35networking  K60umountroot
  K06klogd     K20makedev        K30urandom       K36ifupdown    K90reboot
  K07sysklogd  K20sendsigs       K31umountnfs.sh  K40umountfs    README

Petter Reinholdtsen

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