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Re: Extended partition creation policy ?

[David Balazic]
> I noticed, that when the debian installer is instructed to create two
> partitions, whose joint size is less than the size of the disk, then
> it creates one primary partition and one logical partition inside an
> extended partition.

cfdisk does the same thing - however, it also has no problem resizing
the extended partition any time you create another logical drive.  It
handles extended partitions so transparently you never even know they
are there, unless you already know how partition tables work.

I suggest getting accustomed to cfdisk.  Once you figure out what the 4
arrow keys do, it's really easy to use.  I'm not saying the issue you
talk about isn't an issue, I'm just saying it has a very simple
workaround.  (Note also: unlike some partitioning tools, it does not
make changes to the disk immediately, you have to save your changes
explicitly using the [Write] command.)

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