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Re: BTS wars

Quoting Brian May (bam@debian.org):
> Hello,
> People seem to be regularly adding the "pending" tag to my bug report
> (372685). 3 times now.
> Unfortunately, nobody has yet given me a solution to the problem :-(.
> I can only assume this means the changes were all in error (at least
> one change was confirmed).
> Hopefully I have removed it yet again, but need to wait for the BTS to
> process my message to confirm. However, I am starting to get sick of
> doing this to the same bug report :-(.

As you're the package maintainer and, from what you say, have no
solution for the bug, I see it completely legitimate to remove any
"pending" tag.

Obviously, the "pending" tag should be set by the maintainer or
co-maintainers only. By definition, only you know if you really intent
to fix a bug.

If the bug is fixed upstream and would be fixed by an upload of a new
upstream version, I'd recommend to tag it "fixed-upstream".

In short, as first approximation, I support the removal and I would
consider any other further action by anyone else not involved in the
pkg development as rude action.

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